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What is the EuropaPunktBremen?

Here shows up an image of the team of the EPB in April 2013
The team of the EPB in April 2013

What is the EuropaPunktBremen? It is one of the more than 500 Europe Direct Information Centres (EDIC) existing in all 28 Member States of the European Union. In Bremen its name is "EuropaPunktBremen" and aims to familiarise the citizens with the European Union (EU). It is run by the "Representative of the Land Bremen to the Federal Republic and Europe, State Secretary Ulrike Hiller" (the official representative of the government of the Land Bremen). It gets financial and logistical support by the European Commission.

The EU is far away? No, it is close to you!
The distance between the EU-Institutions and the citizens has to become smaller - that's why the European Commission and the European Parliament established the EDIC network to represent Europe not just in Brussels or Strasbourg – but also regionally, as i.e. in Bremen.

The EU influences our lives every day, even though this is not always obvious. Get information about the EU in Bremen and Germany; Get information how citizens can commit to the European project and how regions can influence European politics!

We offer a lot of German publications about EU-politics and processes - but also a small number of brochures in English as well. If you are looking for very specific information, we will help you to get the necessary information on-line or in print. Our staff is glad to help you with any of your questions!

Don't hesitate to visit us with any questions you may have - and if the right person is present even in English, French, Dutch or Spanish! We are open from Mondays through Fridays, 12:00 – 17:00.
You find us in the city centre of Bremen in the Parliament Building - just across the street from the historic town-hall. Or give us a call at (0421) 361-83375. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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